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Microsoft received my xbox 360 on tuesday 7/17. How long does it take for them to start repairing it?


The status on the website says it has been received by the service center, but it’s almost been a week and it says the same thing. I know they have a lot of 360’s coming through due to the extended warranty for 3 red lights, but a week my 360 just sits there seems kind of weird doesnt it?

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  1. My xbox was nearly two days into it’s long journey home before they updated the website, but a week is a very long time, I would call them. Then again, think about how many people have had their 360’s just sitting there broken until now.

  2. Don’t be surprised if it got lost in their shipping center. I sent in my Canon EOS 20D to Canon to get the mirror fixed and it took up to 4 weeks to get my camera back. They said it was lost in their shipping department. Called them up and yelled at them because they told me they had lost it.

    Also, they might have received a large workload and yours hasn’t been worked on or its on its way back right now.

  3. It does seem odd. Once they got mine a few months back, I had it back 6 days later. Perhaps you should get on the phone and try to figure out what is going on. You’d think they would have started by today. Even if they don’t work weekends, it seems like it should be moving forward. I’m sure you know the number, but here it is: 18004MYXBOX. Good luck.

  4. Well last week i got mine back after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting but they said that now there is an even longer wait period to have your xbox 360 repaired i even heard that the minimum repair time could be 45 days due to so many consoles coming in for servicing

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