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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Video Game Review – Rob Smith (9/10) S02E28


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: Video Game Review - Rob Smith (9/10) S02E28


  1. I was going to get FIFA 12 but you can't be Japan. Going with this. 40 dollars cheaper and FIFA 13 and PES 13 are right around the corner. First soccer game im ever buying. Thanks for helping me decide

  2. @KrENZOKUKEN i call it CALCIO, and football in international way…. also football born in Europe… Firenze … England …. and sorry but … USA … AFRICA … AND ASIA have the worst team in the world so…. call it FOOTBALL!!!


  3. @tretesta stfu – Africans, Americans and Asians call it "soccer", while Latin America and Europe call it "football" – did you not watch or play this game? for fuck sakes, the final was held in a venue called "soccer city"…. not to mention the fact that the word "soccer" was popularized by an ENGLISH national team captain
    Get over it

  4. english people seem so goddamn uptight about the country's security, yet fuckall went wrong – Olympics? no thanks, I don't enjoy rioting

  5. @TheStephenHShow1 then i should be called feetball since you use your FEET to dribble the ball and jump

  6. @TheStephenHShow1 right!!! also only american call football soccer so… fuck USA.., you aren't the World…

  7. @EzyMonies Shout! Shout! England are out, 4-1! These are the men we could do without! Upson, Heskey and Green! No wait! Pretty much the whole team!

  8. @rapterchannel Infact i play for a club so get your facts right before making false accusations about people. Also i do have English lessons, lots in fact!

  9. @MrRhysReviews Thanks brotha.. Is that for real ? I'm gonna take your word..Dont really fancy the Ps3 my mate has one too.. Thanks for the advice, God bless ya!

  10. @EkereGbe Put it this way, I live in Australia and my Pal is devoted to 360, Im devoted to PS3 (We both own both Consoles However) He enjoys Sports Games and Iv started to play this and It is avalible NEW for $32 here, IM GONNA GO GET IT, THIS GAME HOOKED ME INTO FIFA EVEN THOUGH I HATED IT xD

  11. Hello people, has anyone bought or played this " Fifa south African world cup game" Is it nice ? Listening to this guy it seems great..But just wanna cofirm from ordinary people like me..Please help..IS THIS GAME COOL ? I HAVE THE XBOX CONSOLE!

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