Home Videos Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Bundle (White) (Unboxing)

Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Bundle (White) (Unboxing)


Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Bundle (White) (Unboxing)


  1. i wish i would of got this one this is better then the black one but o well i still like the black one 

  2. does sunset overdrive have an expiration date , cause I've got as a birthday gift for a friend , his birthday is in sex month's time , but I've heard that this bundle won't be available for long , so my question is does the code have an expiration date ?

  3. Great video !
    see our Unboxing and Overview / Video-Shots of the Sunset overdrive White XBOX ONE here, would love to have your point of view! we just started our channel! Thanks! 
    White XBOX ONE Unboxing / Déballage and Overview 

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