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Why does my sony bravia only play my ps3 in 1080i?


I have a ps3 with a HDMI cable hooked up to a sony bravia tv. But when I select 1080p on my PS3 my sony bravia comes up with static and a meessage saying ” Non supported video format” and in 30 seconds or if I press circle it goes back to display options. Please help me to change it to 1080p!

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  1. Check to make sure that your TV supports 1080p.

    Check what the pixel resolution is for your TV.

    1366 x 768 can not support 1080p.

    1920 x 1080 can.

    Do note that 1080i and 1080p both provide very clear pictures and both are considered HD. So do not despair if your TV only supports 1080i.

  2. You should be doing it automatically so the PS3 can input it in instead of you. The PS3 will determine what modes are available on the TV. I have a Sony Grand Wega and that is how I did mine, and it displays 1080p without me having to manually input it.

    Here is how you set the PS3 up:

    Go to “Settings” on the XMB, go to “Display Settings”, “Video Output Settings”, “HDMI”, “Automatic”. At this point the screen should go blank for a couple of seconds, the you will should see this on the screen:

    Maximum Resolution: 1080p

    Do you want to accept this setting?

    If you don’t press any button, the system will automatically go back to the previous maximum resolution setting. Yes No

    Even if your maximum resolution is different than 1080p, press yes, then go into “Custom” instead of “Automatic” and check the 1080p box.

    The PS3 should do it automatically without you having to do anything, then at that point, your TV will display the maximum resolution available. For example, Grand Theft Auto only displays in 720p, so even though you have 1080p, it will only show in 720p.

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