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Operation Darkness A Game You Should Play


Operation Darkness A Game You Should Play


  1. I always recommend this game to any RPG gamers I know just because it was very unique but by all means this was not a easy game it's one of the hardest games ever played strategy wise I also got to admit playing this game help me get more strategic with the other games I play like this. I would actually have this game 4 and a half stars

  2. This game and I have a love/hate relationship. I almost love everything about but the difficulty with some of the battles. But this game was my first tactical I had bought. Ans is solely responsible for my love of tactical RPG'S.

  3. I bought this when i first got a 360. I thought of it as a mystical fire emblem with guns tanks zombies etc. It was hard and i haven't finished it but i enjoy it. I start over whenever the sniper girl dies though

  4. I found myself not utilizing the MS attacks much, since you couldn't move around on the same turn, if I'm recalling that correctly. Given the way revival worked in the game, I found myself relying on auto-heal. But as hard as the game was, it was a lot of fun, and had a lot of really cool unique weapons in it. So much you could miss, so it rewarded you for leaving a weak enemy alive while you looted. Made me glad there wasn't an auto-save.

    The instant I got that anti-tank sniper hybrid thing later into the game, that thing was one of my party members.

    Also, the music in this game was fantastic.

  5. If the game had New game plus with all the characters you've unlocked it would be WAY better. That Cyborg is badass to the max. Shame you barely get to play as him.

  6. The only real issues with the games is this: The camera likes to fight you and you get one shotted a lot in this game causing you to burn through your healing items. They could have just done away with auto heal and have the enemies do less damage to you.

  7. I dont know why people complain so much, its a good game, its pretty much Fire Emblem but with WWII story

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