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How to stop my xbox 360 from overheating?


Hello, I am sure this has been asked 100x but my xbox 360 has been overheating alot lately, in a short amount of time. When I first got it, it was laid flat in a retractable desk drawer, now it is upright by my window on a wood surface. The xbox is the old style and has now been overheating in less than 10min! I hate knowing I may have to buy a new one since it was a gift but please help!

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  1. Several things could be causing this. First, check and see if the fan is clean (no dust or dirt). If that doesn’t help, make sure the Xbox is in an open area to allow circulation and free air flow. That means no closed in area or things close to the back where the fan is. If not that, you could try installing a new fan. The one you have now may not be working properly.

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