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How does the YLOD really happen?


See, I’m quite worried because there might be the time this will happen to my PS3. I usually use it every 2 days but in every use, I take about 4-5 hours. Now, I kinda want to know how it really occurs. Question 1: Does it like happen in one time like spontaneous (use for many hours on one seating) or does it gather up damage and occur on a sooner time (accumulates damage and strikes soon)? I clean my PS3 every week by vacuuming the vents. Question 2: And when school starts, I might not be able to use it more often. Will it still get damaged? It’ll be stored in a cushioned bag, wrapped in a big blanket and I’ll keep it under my bed. I take care of it ALOT because it’s a 60gb CECHA12. Best answer will be chosen in 2 days since I cannot wait for 4 days. Please help! 🙁

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  1. Short And Simple OVERHEATING.

    The ps3 doesn’t heat up if you play it continuously even for 12 Hours(Tried With My 320 Gb Slim). I Have PS3 for more than 2 years and didnt once cleaned it. It Happens When Its Vents From which hot air is released are blocked. It overheats the system and damages the one of the chip-set area where the Startup procedure is there.

    SO, JUST PLAY BUT KEEP Standing and keep the space for the vents to pass the Air

  2. There are multiple things that can go wrong. Don’t vacuum it, static electricity from standard vacuums will destroy the internal components. The best thing you can do for it is to not wrap it in a big blanket (static buildup) and not move it around (blunt force trauma)

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