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First Impressions 1001 Spikes on the Xbox One


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Title:- 1001 Spikes
Platform:- Xbox One
Release:- 2014
Developer:- Nicalis

A first impressions playthrough of the new Xbox One game just released on the North America Market Place.

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First Impressions 1001 Spikes on the Xbox One


  1. "I feel asleep" is actually a reference to Metal Gear on the original NES, in which the first screen shows a soldier who states, "I feel asleep!"

  2. Well its Nicalis there well known for begin useless in Europe. The DSI ware version of Cave Story they never sold in Europe at all giving no excuse to why yet they had no problem getting the exact same version on the 3DS store in Europe.

    I was told the reason for the download delays on Xbox one is because of them taking ages to get Age ratings. Which is the excuse Sony and Nintendo use. Though why would be problems with this on Xbox one when they was no problems on 360.

    Sonys the worst for this on Digital only games because when they announce a date its always the US one only and the European versions like 1 week to months later even the developers have said this is due to Sony. Because Sony think its a good idea to quality test game for three separate regions instead of just once like Microsoft. Sony did they did say they not going to do this on PS4 though I don't believe them because something like this should of been fixed years ago not just because your new systems out.

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