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EITR PS4/PC: Indie Game Spotlight


EITR PS4/PC: Indie Game Spotlight

Isometric Souls ► EITR Preview


  1. are there weapons with passive elemental effects on them (so you dont have to activate them before the dmg with elemental effect kicks in) like fire, frost, poison, etc? are there daggers in the game (that you can wield)?

  2. Did this game just get scrapped in a ditch somewhere?? havent heard a single thing about it since this video over a yr ago

  3. Did it come out yet? I'm trying to get it on steam but I don't see it available for download…

  4. I don't like the title of the game. I am from germany and we have a word called "Eiter", which means… Pus. The game's name just seems really weird from my perspective.

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