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Did Yooka-Laylee’s Patch Fix the Framerate? We Take it for a Test Drive! (Xbox One Impressions)


Did Yooka-Laylee's Patch Fix the Framerate? We Take it for a Test Drive! (Xbox One Impressions)


  1. Anyone who's played Tooie, especially flying up to Chili Billi's lair know what real frame rate genocide looks like. I don't really mind bad graphics or framerate since the game is fun, but I suppose it's nice that they fixed it :3

  2. i hope the negative reviews dont discourage playtonic. really wanna see more of these games

    i dont understand why developers are scared to let the camera go inside buildings. mario sunshine's camera clipped into walls and it didnt ruin the experience at all.

    im no dev so i cant say for sure, but i believe a camera that was COMPLETELY controlled by the player and was not interacted with by walls would be ideal for a 3d platformer like this.

    the problem is that the player would be able to see interiors i suppose, unless interiors worked like in sunshine. where they only load when mario is close enough

    anyone agree or am i missing something?

  3. I can confirm that YookaLaylee as of launch day on PS4, does not have slowdown in those high particle areas, as it does on xbox one. I haven't gotten super far, but it seems to run much better/smoother on the ps4 than this video would indicate on the XBOX one. So im not saying there's no slowdown, but in the places shown in this video, the ps4 version does not slow down as it does here.

  4. Seems great on pc. people should just play it as it was intended…
    But, I mean, hopefully in the future playtonic will learn to port there games.

  5. Xbone is shit, anyway. Eh. No reason to have one over literally any other console or a PC.

  6. The reason frame time suffers when you look straight on at the flame throwers, is something called overdraw.

    Because the particles that form the flame are transparent, the only way for a gpu to know what the final scene looks like, is to completely render what is underneath each particle first and then compile the final image out of all those renders.

    Since you're looking straight at the flame jet, and there are something like 20-40 particles drawing on top of one another and are taking up the full screen, the gpu has to essentially re-draw the majority of the scene (1 time for each particle) many times, and in this case it's drawing something like 20-40 1080×1920 frames to compile into each 1 frame.

    Any game engine would stutter, because that's just how the hardware works. It is incredibly easy to make even the most up to date PC stutter from overdraw, even if the scene was empty and there was no code running in the background, that;s just the nature of the beast.

    I am not saying that my explanation excuses the stutters, but I'm saying that they do make sense and there is absolutely nothing Playtonic can do to optimize this particular scene if they want it to look the same.

    NOW, if they wanted it to run smooth in that particular case, they would have gone with a 3D model effect to get the main body of the flame jet (model out and animate a jet of fire) and added complimentary tiny particles to fill in the detail. That way there would be minimal overdraw and even if you filled the screen with the fire, it would run smoothly. On the plus side, it would fit the aesthetic they are going for with modeled dust clouds that come from foot falls.

    ANYWAY, this is way tldr for a YouTube comment, so thanks for reading y'all

    (source – I'm an fx artist)

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