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Classic Game Room HD – F.E.A.R. review (FEAR 1)


Classic Game Room HD - F.E.A.R. review (FEAR 1)


  1. Why we haven't gotten a mod that adds the console content like the SM15 Machine Pistol, Watson Autoshotgun, and the bonus missions to PC is beyond me.

  2. F.E.A.R. is one of the best fps ever made with good shooting; smart enemy A.I.; a catching story and some horror elements. The end scene is noteworthy. Only drawback is the boring office maps in the mid section of the game. Its successor F.E.A.R 2 has improved graphics though it didn't make as much as an impression the first installment did. F.E.A.R. 3 was a game made on autopilot. Still there is room for F.E.A.R. 4.

  3. How the hell does this control on consoles? I'm serious, it looks like a game that would handle horribly on a gamepad. I can't really find out for myself on PC because it doesn't have very good gamepad support, but I'm curious if the console port is any decent for those who don't have a pc (not me, of course, but my friend wants to play this but he has no PC)

  4. Mate FEAR 1 is easily the best of the series… FEAR 2 isn't half as difficult, has no leaning/cover mechanics, and ISN'T SCARY AT ALL… coming from someone who finished FEAR Complete before even playing FEAR 2, damn was I disappointed… I mean FEAR 2 shouldn't even be called FEAR, as you play as a Delta Force member… also, all the guns are different so how the fuck is FEAR 2 a proper sequel? nah man, FEAR 2 might have been your Game of the Year, but FEAR 1 will go down in history, way up there with Doom and HalfLife 2… best combat to date, best AI to date and best multiplayer to date…

  5. well it's beneath doom but Ya pretty great game can someone tell why their not making a fourth one in the series

  6. definitely play this on pc. check out the extraction point expansion too. if you really dig it, fear 2 might be worth your time though i greatly prefer the first game. you can skip fear 3 altogether. enjoy!

  7. Goddamn, I remember all the overclocking tweaks I did to run this game on my good old Radeon 9550

  8. I love the tone and style of this game.
    Keep in mind this game is 10 years old and was state of the art at that time in term of graphics and presentation.
    People often compared it with Half Life 2. I remember that only High End PC's could perform it on higher settings smootly back than. I had an Intel Dualcore E6600, 2 GB DDR2 and an ATI 1950XT 😀

  9. I just finished the game, and the storyline was impossible to follow. They leave recordings throughout the game telling you what's going on, but the music is so loud, even when set low, that you can't make out what they're saying.

  10. Since I don't plan on upgrading to next gen for a while, should I get this game? I have the 2nd installment on my Xbox 360 and I kind of want to experience what the first F.E.A.R was like. So should I?

  11. Bought this game on steam sales along with Fear 2. Honestly, this game is really scary. The game is meant to mess with your head which makes it an awesome horror/psychological shooter. So far I only put about 2-3 hours into the game, I know have about 4-5 hours left in the campaign.

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