Home Videos Can it Finally Beat the PS4? – Xbox One Price Drop

Can it Finally Beat the PS4? – Xbox One Price Drop


Can it Finally Beat the PS4? - Xbox One Price Drop

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  1. this was a paid xbox commercial basically and ps still sold 12 million MORE consoles since this was made

  2. I still preffer the xbox 360, I have many games I'm not willing to stop playing. What I see in xbox one right now is just "games with good graphics" but not enough for me to consider buying it. Many people say xbox 360 s*cks they are acting st*pid, xbox 360 offers games like Battlestations Pacific and other RTS games Playstation doesn't have and well I love RTS games what can I do. Yes I like few PS3 and PS4 games too but not all, I like some PC games too but not all, and even then I laugh at people claiming to be PC "master race" because they think they are "better than everyone" yet many PC gamers play games like Minecraft "trust me I've seen people", I like Arma 3 though even though it gets quite laggy sometimes if you build a really huge scenario even with a fast computer. Even xbox 360 has its bad things, I hope everyone gets along, stop being fanboys of just 1 system because all systems have good things to offer.

  3. lmao still cant beat ps4 in the usa on its own fucking turf, lol Microsoft should just quit

  4. Haven't we all learn? Xbox brings out bundles, big games right off the bat early, then 2 years later no more exclusive games to play while PS still gets support even in its last cycle. I still have many games to play on PS3, 360 is just gathering dust.

  5. I don't care about the price and I have an xbox 360 I'm getting xbox one and I like but it hard to pick because there pretty much the same thing 🙂

  6. The ad before I watched this it said "XBOX ONE now $349" Me: Oh hellllll no… Idgaf about a DVR for $349.

  7. see this is how console related discussions should be, an educated debate on its sales and performance in the market, not some petty immature argument about "console wars" lets face it, they're both consoles that we all enjoy to an extent, sure its competitive, sure they're two separate platforms, and sure one may have their own preference in which platform they choose, but they were both made with one thought in mind gaming, and bringing together a community.
    #xboxone   #playstation4  

  8. hahaha, fanboys just have to argue about every little thing. This is why I opted for nintendo/pc every gen except for last gen when I only had a pc. Nintendo people have the least to brag about other than having their first party exclusives and pc is top dog in specs department (assuming you want to spend around $500 to match or have better specs than this current gen.) 
    Oh, and one more thing, both nintendo and pc don't require you to pay an extra fee to connect to the internet.

  9. Just put one on layaway for Christmas.  The $50 drop in price plus 2 games (AC IV:  Black Flag and AC: Unity) made it an easy choice.  MS screwed the pooch and turned away a lot of their customer base with the initial release ($500, not making kinect an optional accessory, bad DRM rep, etc.). PS4 whipped their asses for a while because of the terrible PR at launch, and rightly so.

    That said it looks like MS is getting back on the right track with competitive pricing, nice bundles and a good list of exclusives for this and next quarter.  I'm glad they seem to have extracted their heads from their asses.  

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