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Call of Duty: “Black Ops 1 Remastered PS4”! – Black Ops 1 Gameplay! – PS4 Backwards Compatibility?


Call of Duty:


  1. You said "they aren't getting any profit off this", dude how do you think people get the game? Everytime someone buys black ops 1 then they get paid. Im sick of video game companies thinking we owe them more and more money. Ridiculous. We have been programmed to accept paying money for games we already own!!

  2. I wish people would stop fucking lying this is not on ps4 you can just tell by looking it. I REALLY MISS BLACK OPS 1 I HOPE ONE DAY IT COMES BACK FOR REAL IM SICK OF BULLSHIT VIDEOS LIKE THIS

  3. Hi, pony tards. While im gaming bo1 on my Xbox One, with over 40,000+ players online in multiplayer. You guys are praying for bo1 to come to your sandwich.

  4. i sell black ops 1 download codes and the discs as i got a load of them when hmv and xtra vision closed down
    all brand new never used

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