Home Xbox Forum sending xbox 360 of to be repaired please help?

sending xbox 360 of to be repaired please help?


my xbox screwed up today so i contacted xbox as my xbox was still under warranty and they said they will send a label and a box what do i do next please help i will give best answer to who ever gives most helpful info cheers

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  1. When you get the label and the box, put your broken xbox in the box and put the label onto the box and drop it off to be sent off (i dropped mine off at ups)

  2. when mine broke i got the box and label, packed it all up, just the xbox, no extra bits like memory cards or hard drive etc, even the piece of plastic that covers the hard drive slot, and i think they picked it up from my house, i don’t remember going to drop it off any were, but that may of been special pick up that they did that, and it took a few weeks, not too long for mine, like two to three weeks, hope that helps

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