Home Xbox Forum Why wont my Skyrim game not load(Xbox)?

Why wont my Skyrim game not load(Xbox)?


I think the worst part of this is the fact that its so confusing. It has not froze per say, but it just isn’t moving from the loading screen to the actual game. I am playing on the Xbox version, and I have cleaned the disk, restarted my computer, both numerous times, yet the problem still persists, I’ve done ALOT in this game and its took a while, so it would be a shame if i had to start again. How can I fix this? and what the hell is happening?!

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  1. You’re going to need a new disk. This happened to me on my last disk for some reason. I could sit there for an hour at the loading screen, but then it would never go to the game. I even tried making a new game, to no avail. I bought a new game and had no problems. So it looks to me like you’re going to need a new Skyrim.

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