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Why does my PS3 keep getting the Yellow light of death?


It keep happening. Every 3 months I am forced to go to people to fix my Playstation. For some reason this happened. After it is fixed the first 3-4 days It goes normally. Then after 5-17 Minor Fan sounds start accoring on high graphical games( I expect that I mean my playstation is old) Then after that the Fans start blowing wind like crazy. Even on 32 bit games like Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped. Then a little after 90 days it get YLOD. i turn it on It goes green for about 3 seconds then it goes yellow for 2 seconds. Then it flashes red. And it doesn’t stop blinking until i press the power button. I get it fixed and the cycle begins again.

My playstation is a fat 40 Gigabite. I got a picture of it somewhere on this question. This is my first question asked.

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  1. Because it’s old and worn out, simple as that. You’re just wasting time and money on a system that’s just going to completely die anyway. Once a PS3 gets YLOD, no matter what you do or how many times you “fix” it, it’s going to happen again. You’re better off just getting a new PS3.

  2. To be honest, either the people you’re going to are not fixing it properly, possibly so you keep coming back so they make profit, or you need to consider getting a new ps3.

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