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When ever i play COD4 on my PS3 on-line, an icon w/ a unplugged wire and the words connection interruption?


how do i fix this, it is bugging the hell out of me


  1. that means you lost your connection to the host. you just have to be in a game and have a good connection to the host. no way to make it not happen. it just happens sometimes. your connection speed affects it too i think.

  2. I play cod 4 on the ps3 and it says that your supposed to have a wired ethernet cord i have a belkin ethernet work and barely ever get my connection interruption.

    good luck

  3. That the thing that lets you know that your about to be kicked out of the game. It lags like crazy when that symbol appears. You could try a few things to fix it. First, make sure you connection settings on the ps3 are all good. Then make sure that the modem or router that is near by is also good (ie, make sure the antenna isn’t loose or that its not broken or anything) then if still nothing, you should try moving the modem/router closer to the ps3. But that might be hard depending on where you modem is and how its hooked up to the computer and all that. And if none of these work, i would just try using a wired connection. That might also be hard thought, because if your ps3 is on another floor than the modem/router, your going to need a really long wire.

    But just try those things and see what happens.

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