Home Playstation Forum whats this about the ps4?

whats this about the ps4?


is it suppose to come out in like 4 years or something?

and its suppose to be slimmer then the ps3

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  1. right now its only in a design phase. For they are still having trouble selling ps3’s. They are doing better with lower prices and deals now but right now they are focusing all their attention on marketing the ps3 and making it more cost effective.

    So any designs or rumors you are only speculation.

  2. If the playstation 4 wore to come out it’ll take them more then 4 years to come out with a design and added features. Besides they’re trying to make the PS3 even better with new firmwares

  3. Sony stated that PS4 will come out in 2013-2016. And that statement was made before world money crisis.

  4. Do you really think Sony is discussing a PS4 when they are still losing money on the PS3? While I am sure the PS4 is in development in some form or fashion, the PS3 isn’t even halfway through it’s cycle yet. The PS3 is a computer, where as the PS2 and PS1 are gaming consoles. The PS3 is easily upgradeable with software updates. Once they have maxed out the computing power of the PS3 and its hardware is when we will start to hear rumors about the PS4.

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