Home Videos Ultimate Gaming System (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360) Part 1

Ultimate Gaming System (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360) Part 1


Ultimate Gaming System  (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360)  Part 1


  1. Yeah i think throwing the console cases away was kind of a waste. Totally should have sold them on ebay or something. At least they wouldn't be sitting in a landfill

  2. An XBOX that is built like a pc… shocker. The original XBOX was just a stripped down computer running the X-LIVE program for windows.

  3. I love your channel, but the muzak is annoying. Here and there, it's OK, but all the video, I'd stop doing that. Love what you do BTW, keep on doing it!

  4. It's actually pretty easy to guess that he has taken apart a xbox360 before if you watch him alot

  5. careful they will come for you.. lol iv been wondering why no fucker ever made a single console to play them all. Then i remember, money.. all it really needs is to be able to speak 3 languages, you wouldn't think it would be that hard of a thing to do…

  6. Really? An LM317? — Doesn't it max out at like 1 AMP? — Why not use an adjustable Buck/Boost DC-DC converter? — Use the boost to up the voltage to something like 30 volts, and then a buck with a knob to set the voltage lower. — Sacrifice an old multi-meter to get a display, and then just turn the knob. — You probably want some inline fuses or something too though.

  7. i wonder why the xbox 360 has a bigger fan than the wii u and ps3. red ring of death anyone? lol

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