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The Order 1886 Is A Bad Game? | Xbox One Price Drop… Again


I have a contained excitement for The Order 1886, and wonder why so many people are hating on the game. I also talk about the Xbox One price drop, and what’s going on with Microsoft.

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The Order 1886 Is A Bad Game? | Xbox One Price Drop... Again

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  1. I'm also excited for the order, I pre-ordered the collectors edition. But if people are saying shit about the QTE and what not. I have one statement for people like that.  TellTale games….. 

  2. Maybe they throw out the controversial news to keep there name in the news. Then when they make things right again its like BAM!!! In the news again.

  3. Yo arsonal I could not reply too you the other day when I said that h1z1 looks retarded ,my tablet which I watch YouTube on starts doing stupid shit ,I got that game mixed up for the Sony ripp off of dayz anyway THE ORDER, I hate the look of the game seriously it just does not rock my boat I meen it looks like some steampunk type bullshit in the 1800s the game play from what I have seen looks SO BORING SERIOUSLY but this is all my opinion of course ,it just looks like another Boring ass Sony game with some stupid ass story ,it's like all there GAMES are the same ,uncharted ,the last of us , the order 1888 , with different bells and whistles and will probably have some tacked on mp for the hell of it , BUT SAYING THAT I'M A MP PLAYER I play single player games less and less now I just can't justify paying 50 pound for a game I'm gonna play once or may be twice and then it will never get played again ,hope this makes sense because I've started rambling and I can't see what I'm putting because of this tablet lol it just goes in one straight line ,peace

  4. The problem w/ those QTE is the price. I ain't going to pay no $60+ on a game where I have to relinquish controls to the game constantly. A linear game like this, in which the enjoyment is better the first time through, isn't worth that much. Would you pay 60 for a movie? Cause that's pretty much what your getting here. Or would you pay $60 for a game w/ a little more leeway, where you get to control the game the whole way through w/ a few cut scenes in between? And multplayer. 

  5. Every PS4 exclusive has underwhelmed to this point, that's the reason why I have no hype for The Order, but I do hope it turns out well.

  6. The cheaper console is not always the best selling console, perfect example the Dreamcast, amazing console, amazing games, cheapest of the bunch, but failed to sell compared to the others. I think Sony will reply with a price drop to stay competitive.

  7. I feel bad for the people who bought the Xbox One the day before they drop the price again.

  8. The only problem with your comparison with Ryse and Heavy Rain is that both those games were marketed as being interactive QTE experiences. Ryse had interactive death animations because it was a game about being a Roman soldier and hacking/dismembering enemies with your sword while Heavy Rain was like a choose your own adventure type QTE movie. The Order: 1886 on the other hand is marketed as a 3rd person shooter and QTE's do not fit in well with any shooter genre unless it's done in one or two epic cut-scene moments.

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