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Short Pause LIVE: The Swindle (PS4) Gameplay


We step into the shoes of a master thief in the steampunk cybercrime caper, The Swindle, from Size Five Games.

(NOTE: The game audio is turned down at the 2:00 mark, our apologies for it being so loud at first)

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Short Pause LIVE: The Swindle (PS4) Gameplay


  1. Short Pause LIVE: #TheSwindle Gameplay & Impressions

    I played through a good hour of The Swindle during the live stream below, and another hour or so after; so far I'm really enjoying this challenging platformer from Size Five Games. It feels like a hybrid of Stealth Inc and Spelunky. You play as a master thief who has 100 days to complete 100 heists before the steampunk-themed city initiates some form of anti-theivery system that will put you out of business permanently. Once that happens, you'll have to start over at square one and try to improve on your previous efforts by taking what you've learned prior and implementing it going forward. While there isn't much of a plot so far – not that I can make of anyways – I don't think you play The Swindle for a sweeping tale.

    This game is all about breaking in, stealing as much money as possible, and getting out before the authorities arrive. All of the money you steal during each heist can be used to upgrade multiple different attributes that will help give you an edge against the several various types of bots that are patrolling each locale. You can also use money to unlock other districts that offer opportunities for bigger payouts, but are protected by even bigger, more alert sentries. I looking forward to continuing further into the game as I hone my skills and try to unlock all the districts and reach the final section within the 100 days. Check out the video below for an hours worth of gameplay. What are your thoughts on The Swindle so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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