Home Playstation Games Rugby Challenge 3 HD Gameplay – Australia vs New Zealand (Full Match)

Rugby Challenge 3 HD Gameplay – Australia vs New Zealand (Full Match)


Rugby Challenge 3 HD Gameplay - Australia vs New Zealand (Full Match)

Rugby Challenge 3 - Game Review


  1. this looks amazing to me becouse i havent play rc 2 but this can replace rugby 08 very good we are talking about graphics gameplay everything …until ea sports decide to make something great …i mean EA SPORTS LOVE TO SUCK AMERICANS CoCKS making them NHL 17 and MADDEN 17 without thinking at europeans and the rest of the world fans who love playing rugby ….this is not fair in my book as an european who freaking loves playing rugby …and EA are europeans too from switzerland

  2. I have this game and I love it.But I love this videos too but pld..don't yelling at the beginning of the video :))

  3. They still havent got rid of the unrralistic passes and ofloads , especially when playing against the computer . Its
    the annoying!

  4. exactly the same as the first two rugby challenge games the moves and everything dosent look different in anyway…. good game though

  5. extremely poor game. graphics are very poor for what current generation can handle. and the movement is just awful

  6. tru blu should give up making rugby games. e a sports should make them rugby 08 has been the best rugby game made. that was on ps2. the ps4 is out and rugby challenge 3 is the worst 1 ever

  7. Does it have an exhibition mode, like PES for example so to two players can play against each other on the same screen ?!

  8. Its horrible. The game mechanics are not fluid at all its jerky and shit. The AI is fucking autistic.

  9. Haha I love the commentary impression! On point! Rugby challenge has been shit since 2010 lol

  10. This game is so shit and is so disappointing in so many ways. Tru Blue don't make a rugby a game again. absolute rubbish.

  11. finally this one would compensate for EA's NFL since they (EA) have refused to release the game on pc.

  12. Can you even pre-order this game? And how much is it going to cost? I'm thinking of buying it right when it comes out on June 24th.

  13. Nice review guys but having bought every previous console rugby game I think I'll give this one a miss.

  14. First new game I've bought in years, even queued outside on launch day for the first time in my life.

    One week later and I'm back on RC2 where I've done a better job of updating the rosters than Wicked Witch and, crucially, LIONS, BARBRIANS PRO12 TOP14 and D2 ARE LICENCED!!!

    Get RC2, break the licensed players restrictions and save yourselves £40

    Wasted a well thought of franchise.

  15. Rugby League Live 3 is far better than Rugby Challenge 3 and I don't even like Rugby League. The only thing good on challenge 3 is the FanHub. The Be A Pro is a massive disappointment!

  16. i think this is a game for people who don't have rugby challenge 2 or 1 , its a good game but very similar too RC2

  17. This people who talks is being unreasonable !! This game is 100% … It's is a game not real life !!

  18. Seeing this makes me want to puke at the fact these terrible developers are making the next AFL game, after their last horrible AFL game. Big Ant should be making Rugby Union and AFL games once again.

  19. Rugby 08 still has the best game play

    They need to fix everything

    Conversions : way to easy,not much wind factor and player ability has zero bearing

    Forwards and Backs : There is no difference besides speed of player….Where is the size,power and special abilities ?…..they got that right with Jonah Lomu rugby in 1995 and rugby 08 EA sports

    If they could just take from Jonah Lomu rugby and Rugby 08 with the mechanics and attention to detail like fifa.This would be one hell of a game !!

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