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Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS3) – Chris Walkthrough Part 1 – The Mansion


Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS3) - Chris Walkthrough Part 1 - The Mansion


  1. la vieja escuela en acción, los jóvenes no comprenden la originalidad de estos títulos, solo buscan guitarrazos, madrazos, explosiones sin sentido sin tener que pensar y racionar recursos. buen vídeo buen juego.

  2. Awesome, I never realized until now how many HD Resident Evil games there are. I never knew about Revelations or Operation Racoon City, and the last I heard, this wasn't supposed to come out for last gen, so I'm tickled to see that's not the case, because I'd definitely rather have it on last gen to save space for new games on my Xbox One.

  3. Have One question, how kan i but this Resident evil on ps3 i heard it's realist only on ps4 isn't it?

  4. Why does Chris go missing in Jill's story and Barry goes missing in Chris' story? I'm sorry but I'm new to this game, I've played only RE 4, 5 & 6

  5. It's probably an obvious answer, but I have resident evil 6 anthology and I never opened it, is it ever gonna be worth anything or nah?

  6. Hot damn. In 2014 I'd have thought a remake of the original Biohazard/ Resident Evil would be more impressive. It looks nice in HD but the character animations, the voice acting and the overall experience is kind of not-spectacular. Considering how awesome the 2001 Gamecube "REmake" was, I mean, this could have been much better. I get the nostalgia factor- been playing the RE series for 20 years and yes they wanted it to be a faithful remaster of the original 1996 game. But remember how much better and more realistic the character walk cycles were in the Gamecube re-imagining of Biohazard? Instead of the old "floating" stiff walk animation your character stepped cautiously with their weapon pulled in to their shoulder in both hands, pointed up, the way a professional would in that situation. It was scarier too. Not that this is bad, but the "retro" experience and gameplay could've been retained along with better voice acting, more fluid and realistic movement, even live-rendered backgrounds. I loved these games, but considering the horsepower of PS4 (and yes, PS3 too) this just isn't nearly as mindblowing an experience as the Gamecube REmake was back in 2001. Good walkthrough though.

  7. this looks pretty awesome… i have the original ps1 disc still… but this is on sale on the playstation store for 11.99 .. thinking about getting it…

  8. Hi great video thanks, i was wondering if anyone knows is this alot better and does it have any extra content then the gamecube version had since i never played the gamecube remake of the first resident evil thanks! 🙂

  9. i know this video is somewhat old and i might not get a response but why do you store your survival knife? i mean it can save you bullets when the zombie is knocked down to the floor. im just wondering

  10. oh god, my old PS3 just die a few weeks ago, 7 years with it, now with this HD version I will buy another one! haha hopefully another 7-10 years of PS3 games (Resident Evil games in HD)…..FVCK YEAH!

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