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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review (PS3)


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review (PS3)


  1. Great Review as all ways BOM. I kind'a feel bad for the XBox, they never seem to get the best ver. of Ninja Gaiden. Oh and I think I get how they make up a story for this game. Bunch of unrelated things written down on paper, thrown into a hat and drawn at random. "Lets see I got 'Half a plane,' 'Motorbike,' and 'Armadillo' OK guys get to work!"

  2. Nice review! Looks like something I could get into. The bosses are large! And the Statue of Liberty? Fighting the symbol of freedom? "I wonder…if she's naked under that toga"

  3. Great review Mars! I played Nina Gaiden Sigma Plus on the Vita briefly but I couldn't get into it. I found it extremely difficult and frustrating. Kind of ironic since I love the first Ninja Gaiden on the NES and that game is darn tough! lol

  4. I enjoyed Sigma 1 more than this. I didn't like the linear levels much and I felt like the game felt a bit too padded due to the inclusion of other characters. I don't really get why the game needed to show where to go because the levels are alright pretty linear. It's a fun game but I do hate it when games don't call their difficulty modes "easy", "medium", or "hard". I think I may have accidentally chose easy without even knowing. Which is why I didn't find the difficulty as satisfying as Sigma 1. This game is a shit load better than Razor's Edge which was hard for the sake of it. RE was also cheap as hell. Thinking about that game gives me nightmares of the frustration I had.

  5. Been wanting to get into the Ninja Gaiden games; have a bunch of them and still have only ever played the original NES version. This one definitely looks a little Devil May Cry-ish…maybe more than a little. The juggling aerials looks pretty cool; and the slicing off limbs is definitely a nice touch. The bosses in the game look pretty massive. Are they littered with quick-time events – or does it stay pretty fast-paced? Great review overall, man. Made me want to dive into the series even more!

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