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name some great PS1 games?


i have just bought a PS1 console (yes i know its old) but i have a PSP, PS2, PS3 so i bought one to complete the collection so wat good games would u recommend buying for the PS1
yes i was aware but i just hate playing things like PS1 games on a PS2 cause i like to leave discs in lol :p anyway thanks

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  1. you are aware aren’t you that a ps2 and ps3 already can play ps1 discs? there was no need to buy a ps1 just to play the games if you have the others.

    anyway , most of the better ps1 games will be listed in the playstation store on your ps3 where you can download them to play on the ps3 and psp , resident evil 1 and 2 , metal gear solid , tomb raider series , final fantasy 7 and 8 , gran turismo ( not on psn ) , spyro the dragon games , abes oddesey oddworld gamed , silent hill , etc. check out the playstation store ps1 classics section.

  2. Some of my personal favorite games for the Playstation 1 are:

    Ape Escape

    Bomberman (Any of the four are good)

    Castlevania Chronicles

    Dead or Alive

    Echo Night

    Final Fantasy VII or VIII


    Harvest Moon

    Intelligent Qube

    Jet Moto 1, 2 or 3

    King’s Field 1, 2 or 3

    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    Medal of Honor

    Metal Gear Solid

    Metal Slug X

    Nuclear Strike

    Oddworld (They are all good)



    Resident Evil 1, 2 or 3

    Silent Hill

    Tekken 2 (Easily the best)

    Tomb Raider I, II or III

    Vagrant Stories


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