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How to remove IHS from PS3 CELL CPU and RSX GPU


Used to remove CELL IHS – Feeler gauge purchased on ebay. Rounded off edges and sanded down the end using dremel very thin to get under IHS

Used to remove RSX IHS – Heatgun set to 1050 degrees farenheit for about 30-45 seconds. Don’t recommend over 60 seconds. Then used a thin butter knife to pop it off with a clip from a business card under the knife to protect the BGA. Then used a razor to clean the RAM blocks on the RSX and same for both IHS. But on the CELL to clean off the residue i recommend a small ended blade like the one in the video otherwise you can scratch it. The RAM blocks can also very cleaned be finished using sand paper.

I personally choose not to use glue when putting back the IHS, simply because in case you need to rework again its not a pain to remove and so there isnt more stress on BGA. Also because when put back together carefully it doesnt move.

I also make sure to use a board support when doing this

I do not take credit for this though, through forums and threads ive found many great people sharing their knowledge, im simply making an easy video to help others.

How to remove IHS from PS3 CELL CPU and RSX GPU

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  1. can u put this in your pc and run it above 20fps on cod bo2 or payday 2 cuz my pc is shit i want to rip apart my ps3 and upgrade my pc/hp laptop 🙁 no windows 10

  2. For me, the gpu was really easy to pop off, just took a gentle poke with a screwdriver and it popped right off like it was barely hanging on…

    The CPU on the other hand, I need a feeler gauge lol

  3. hi. I did everything like on video but after assembling it starts and turns off . could you tell me what I did wrong . thanks

  4. how do you glue the lid back in place?do i have to put the thermal paste on those 4 chips in the left cpu as well?

  5. okay, linky please for that awesome rounded thing that you use for the CPU to go around the edges to remove the glue 🙂

    Also, if you HAD to use some kind of glue to set these back in place, just because some of us like to do that, what would you recommend that we use?

    Lastly, do you recommend the use of copper shims sold on ebay, or the new thermal pads to replace Sonys thermal pads on the little extra chips in the fat PS3s? Thanks!

  6. its not as easy as it look like i destroy my PS3 after i done that i scratched my cpu without knowing and iam not noob as i hacked many time my xbox 360 and stuff so dont try it .unless you dont care about your ps3 anymore and you have nothing to lose .

  7. hahahaha rename this video auto hack ps3 hahahaha looks like that ps3 went script kitty on you bro hehe

  8. I tried everything to fix this then I go buy a used ps3. This one doesn't work either. I'm playing my X box one in an enclosed space that feels like an oven in there. Works perfect after a year. Sony failed.

  9. Everybody is saying slim is better when I HAVE THIS PROBLEM ON SLIM!!! WTF IS MATRIX DOING IN MY GTA5???!!!

  10. mine is doing the same exact thing. It is most likely your ps3 or the graphics cars with mine it will do the same thing you might need a new graphics card or buy a new ps3 I bought a new one but I'm still trying to fix the old one. so ya hope this helped you a little.

  11. My Ps3 does the same thing, just at diferent times.. i played Call Of Duty for 40 minutes and then it did it mid-game, another time it did it as soon as i started it/
    My little brothers left it on for 2 DAYS. 

  12. SAME PROBLEM WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!! the screen starts flashing green but it shows the background while its going retarded

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