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Five Dollar Gaming: Tony Hawk Ride (PS3)


“If you got a problem with Tony Hawk, get off your wheels and take a phony walk.” -Ill Mitch, “Fast and Danger”

Five Dollar Gaming: Tony Hawk Ride (PS3)


  1. I tried to trade this game in to Gamestop because I didn't want it anymore, and they said "we can give you like, a dollar"

  2. No wonder you got shred for $3. Because A, they were used. And B, shred was released in 2010, 4 years before this video was made

  3. i really wanna take apart one of thos boards and see if it has any good electronics inside. Seems like a goldmine if it has IR sensors and a gyroscope.

  4. Why throw it in the closet? Take it out to the landfill and bury it with all those Atari 2600 ET cartridges in the desert where it belongs.

  5. Well for someone who's somewhat a fan of Tony hawk games, that's cool how you have pro skater 2X. Not many people have that. Personally though, I loved ride and shred.

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