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F1 2010 PS3 – Is This The Fastest Disqualification Ever ?


What a qualification for Pole Position , Now guys you may think im a cheat by the title but watch this video and u will quickly discover The Real Stig 83 takes me out clearly in the most disgraceful of ways, Shent 76 witnessed this , how the hell do i get disqualified for this ? Totaly unfair i say , This must be the quickest Disqualification on you tube ever , this surely is a World Record ??? Let Me Know . Please Comment , Like and Subscribe . Thanks for watching , Check out myy other vids .

F1 2010 PS3 - Is This The Fastest Disqualification Ever ?


  1. slowly i dont need to watch slowly for that xd i hate damn cheaters that can only win by driving others on the grass. damn penalty system in f1

  2. When you spun and went off track you were in third place. You then went up to second followed by the lead whilst off the track before rejoining. The game sees it as you cutting the corner and overtaking two cars whilst off track hence why you were disqualified. I personally don't like the multiplayer racing option, far too many drivers go into turn one full throttle and hit you to make it round the corner whilst you get thrown in the gravel.

  3. You're fault. You were too busy looking behind and you twitched to block him causing the contact. Plus ur a noob for revving ur engine full blast before the lights (should have blown), and using racing line.

  4. 0:07 Oh dear, The Stig on POLE? Already I am suspicious! (and worried)
    0:17 TEN seconds of constant max revs? How on earth did you not just burst into flames?
    0:36 A touch of CBS – Classic Bumpercar Syndrome.
    0:44 Brilliant commentary!! "what the fuck?" We were all thinking it, to be fair!

    Now your summary here says "you may think I'm a cheat" – well yes but the word I was thinking of also begins with a C and ends in a T but it isn't "cheat", mate. LOL
    Classic stuff guys, classic!!

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