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Classic Game Room – MADDEN 12 review


Madden 12 review. Classic Game Room reviews MADDEN 12 NFL Football from EA Sports for Playstation 3 PS3 and Xbox 360 (this is the PS3 version). Lord Karnage returns with a new team and new features in Madden 2012 Madden 12 features the usual slew of franchise management enhancements from EA Sports, “improve” AI and physics, new plays, etc.. etc.. Madden NFL 12 review shows the gameplay which is the same as it has been, visual presentation is average for Madden but below the newest FIFA and NHL video games. American football fans just love the Madden videogame series and EA Sports continues to deliver minor enhancements each year as players need to buy new copies to play the online features in the game. If you’re just looking for some relaxing Madden then buy last year’s version, if you want all the new bells and whistles with multiplayer and the newest rosters then Madden 12 awaits.

Classic Game Room - MADDEN 12 review


  1. This was the last good Madden. Since 13, they have not been good. The graphics are better now but the games suck overall.

  2. can you do madden 25 and nba 2k14 with a created team and how do you create a team and play season mode in nhl 13

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