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Braid – PlayStation 3 – PSN – Gameplay Trailer


Braid - PlayStation 3 - PSN - Gameplay Trailer


  1. i never buy this game,my friend told me about braid and when i watch trailer am wasn't impress,but one day a get this game for pc………….this is masterpiece…music,puzzles,story..greatttttt

  2. @slifergold
    I dunno O.O'''' It just is I think?…uhhhhh >.>;;;;; -rushly goes and gets it for the ps3-

  3. To anyone who thinks this game isn't worth the price: try coding something like this. Gameplay that involves time is extraordinarly length

  4. This game is worth 14.99!!
    i bought it and i loved this game the story is awesome and also the gameplay…
    its very hard to get the 100% and the puzzles are very difficult its a perfect game!
    think the developers achived what they were looking for.

  5. @Drakedog777
    he's the typical self assured geek , and you're supposed to be seeing yourself in his image , if you're not … well , you must be out of their marketing demographics ;P

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