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Xbox live gamertag for girl.?


I know everyone always asks this and crap, but I’m completely stumped on a new gamer tag.

I want my gamer tag to be girly. Currently it’s l9TieDyedHorses.possibly the most retarded gamer tag in the world -_-

But my name is Sarah and I like tacos. something in my gamer tag would be pretty cool. I want something epic.I mostly play halo:reach and such 🙂 oh and if you really need it my favorite numbers are 64 and 38, only if you really need numbers.i dont really like numbers in gamer tags unless it actually means something in the gamer tag 😛

Please help 😀

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  1. Honestly it should be your preference for your gamertag but if you cant think of anything maybe TacoSarahFTW? lol and if you want to play reach sometime you can add me on Xbox live. GamerTag- Craziestsock

  2. Polly (it means “endless sorrow” apparently)






    Beautiful Disaste

    Maybe something that’s funny.

    If you put your gamertag as let’s say SurferChick, you’ll have a bundle of messages from guys going “hey babe are you a chick?”

    So you could do that or.I’m not sure, do something that symbolizes you, something funny or something you enjoy doing?

    So if your names Sarah and you like skiing


    Really it’s up to you 😉

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