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Sony PlayStation 4 Press Conference


Sony PlayStation 4 Press Conference


  1. hi mates can u give me a second hand ps4 for free because I watched this video it looks amazing , I am sure u can send one , please , thanks mates.

  2. watch dogs could've done better in the ps4, but the graphics downgraded. hopefully watch dogs 2 can deliver more improved graphics and upgraded AMD and also updated fps as well. don't screw this up ubisoft!!!

  3. The ps4 has a huge library of great game and such and provides a better online experience but I personaly think the Xbox has better exclusive games such as halo to until dawn or ratchet and clank to gears of war and (ect.) I also think the ps4 has more memberal games. But the Xbox has games that you could play for hours on end. (Not saying they both have the same intention to hook you on a game such as fallout4 or call of duty.) I think they are both great consoles and if you can buy them both but all in all I say the ps4 wins one of many reasons I think this is because the ps4 comes with a charger. if your going for online experience go with the ps4. If your with more story driven game go with Xbox.(not saying ps4 has games like this.)

  4. Compared to conferences like PSX and E3 of this year and last, the audience in this conference and prior Playstation 3 ones have been very quiet and 'calm'. What happened?

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