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PS4 Slim is Real. PS Plus Price Increases in US and Canada. – [LTPS #219]


PS4 Slim is Real. PS Plus Price Increases in US and Canada. - [LTPS #219]

PS4 Unboxing Canada Vancouver


  1. if the $10 dollars is a big deal to you go to Walmart and buy the ps plus card they still sell them for $49.99

  2. if we play ps games on pc , we will still have to pay for ps plus to play Playstation games on pc online ??

  3. I wouldn't be able to use the PS4 Slim. It does not have an optical input in the back. I use the Astro A40 headset and it requires the optical input. Otherwise, good video.

  4. I really don't seeing this guy's face.He fancies himself too much. Focus on the bloody product!!!

  5. I just want more info on Hot Shots/Minna no golf on PS4. Sony announced at TGS 2015 I believe. We have not heard anything about the title since then. Hopefully Sony will have more info about the game at TGS this year. I also do not want Sony to make the Western market wait nine months to get the game like it did with Hot Shots 5 on PS3. World Invitational only took four months longer to come out due to the Vita launching in the North America a little bit later than it did in Japan. Hot Shots Golf 5 came out in July 2007 in Japan, and the game hit North American shelves in March 2008. I wish Hot Shots Golf for PS4 releases simultaneously in all regions.

  6. Yea, That slim look ugly as fuck
    Was hoping the leaks were fake
    But its been unboxings and everything lol

  7. Tbh, the ps+ games are just lame, i dont expect brand new AAA titles but im not a fan of crappy indie games

  8. The light strip is now a light on the PS4 Slim, I have heard. In my opinion, I love the look of the PS4 Slim, but I also want to keep my PS4 Fat. (My PS4 Fat is the one with all matte, shorter light on the light strip, and buttons.)

  9. Waiting for the ultimate player edition release in Canada 500 isn't enough. My friend filled his in a year and a half.

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