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CGRundertow – WAY OF THE SAMURAI 3 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow - WAY OF THE SAMURAI 3 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. stupid review. lots of whining without even understanding the game. thinking being cool using so much sarcasm. way of samurai = bushido. some code of morality for samurai. of course u get penalty for doing bad things that against the code u moron. and the comment that this game trying to be GTA? are u fuking retarded? oh wait. u really are retarded.

  2. LOL what?? This guy doesn't even give the game a chance!! How can you write a good review on the game if u "Gave up" on it after the first 5 minutes? You even said so yourself!! You literally said that you gave up because you couldn't throw radishes at people (which you can if you weren't so fking clueless). Like seriously bro? Learn to review a fuucking game without your stupid and irrational bias influencing it.

  3. The irony in your comment is astounding. You tell me to fuck off for making assumptions without playing the game, while you in turn make the assumption that I haven't played the game.

  4. i'm not a fanboy, and i still fail to see where hes coming from. you dont get to make reviews based on half hour gameplay. this lazy jerk didnt go through even 30% of the game. fk him and fk you for making assumptions without actually playing the game

  5. surprise surprise another shit review from this guy. Why dose Mark even keep this Chanel around? It's completely horrible in every way.

  6. I don't get it. Why do critics like Dark Souls but not this game? Challenge doesn't always mean dying a lot or hard; challenge could just mean "different" or "think on your own."

  7. Don't make a review on a open world game when the only games your minute brain can only comprehend is ones with the simplicity of call of duty

  8. The whole point of these games is to explore and understand the story of what's going on, and to carve out your own path in many different ways. To claim exploration and expiermentation is something too vague to grasp in the game (when the map ingame notes key things) is perplexing.

    You're only supposed to kill as a last resort in the game.

  9. This review is APPALLING! Undertow did not even try to learn the game. This review is like so many others about this game. Now, I know the game is not perfect, but lets not be RACIST and try to be a little accepting of other cultures. But the truth is there would NEVER be a review like this in Japan, because they understand "The Way of The Samurai" and do not look at this as a "GTA with a Katana"
    This game is great, it takes patience and understanding; something this reviewer lacks.

  10. There's a lot of truth in your comment, but I think it mostly applies to younger gamers who didn't experience the original playstation or nes, n64, or any of the earlier consoles that had plenty of Japanese games. It could also apply to older people who only got into gaming recently because of cod or battlefield.

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