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Anyone know when we’re going to see a price break on Playstation 3?


been waiting and waiting. am I just wasting time?

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  1. I would not recommend buying a PS3 I got one fo my birthday last year I had to exchange it 8 times because the hard drive kept crashing, finally I was able to get the store to upgrade me from the 40gig to the 80 for free since then I have been problem free for the most

  2. Nobody knows except for Sony so there is no point in asking.

    That “$100 price drop in August” rumor was mentioned by one business analyst, not Sony themselves. These analysts typically look at current trends and speculate or comment based on their findings. They usually do not have any sort of “insider information.” Like the previous ones, i’m skeptical of this rumor going around.

    Add to the fact that other analysts predicted a drop in March (which didn’t happen) and predicted a drop at E3 (which didn’t happen), you can see the value of a price drop rumor and why I’m skeptical of this recent one.

    PS3 sales are not that bad, even though they are behind the Wii and 360. I don’t think a $100 drop is necessary right away. Its not like the PS3 is gonna be obsolete anytime soon. I don’t see the next drop being more than $50, assuming it happens. The US is the only real trouble spot for the PS3 sales and PS3 game sales.

  3. If you have been keeping up with the PS3 then you would know that the PS3 price should drop very soon since PS3’s are getting harder to ifnd in stores. What seems to be the case is that sony is trying to get rid of the PS3 in stores right now and realease a new SKU. It will most likely be a PS3 slim. The pS3 will drop price THIS year just hold on.

  4. I’d say that if doesn’t happen in October/November of this year, then it’ll be another year.

    Despite the price, the PS3 is still selling units.

    The issue with it is that they aren’t selling games, as most gamers have more than one system and (for whatever reason) they aren’t buying enough games for the PS3.

  5. well?

    where i live in northeast ohio they just cut them last week there like 400 dollors for a 80 gig =o and 20 gig bundles are like 300 , come to akron if you want one bad where like the first ppl to cut it.

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