Home Videos Your Xbox One Trade-In Value At GameStop: $175

Your Xbox One Trade-In Value At GameStop: $175


Your Xbox One Trade-In Value At GameStop: 5

Gamestop STAFF Reacts PS4 Trade !!! CRINGE VIDEO

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  1. I really just need the money to buy a new laptop for school. mine is getting old and can't really run the stuff that we use very good anymore

  2. Gamestop is full of hacks. They rip you off and then sell at a premium. Used Xbox One's are $20 less than A NEW ONE. My guess is they're a monopoly on game stores so nobody can really directly compete with them.

  3. There is almost no reason to do business with GameStop anymore. There are a lot of different alternatives which you yourself have highlighted as being better options. I would much rather EBAY my games or old systems than go to GameStop.

  4. Learn to edit your shit without squishing your assets into pancakes or stretching them into pixelated garbage. Seriously. Kudos for the 60fps footage, but damn, that chart between PS4 and Xbox was amateur. 

  5. i never buy anything from gamestop. i think they are taking advantage of younger gamers that maybe don't know no better or its the only place thats close to them i don't know but there ripping everyone off everyday gamestop is so money hungry its insane 

  6. That's why I never trade anything in I kept all my old games and consoles instead for givin the, away for next to nothing to Eb which will re sell them again at a high price

  7. Yea, Fuck gamestop, with a capital F. There is absolutely no reason or excuse to do business with gamestop right now when Amazon, Ebay, and Craiglist exists.

  8. I have not been in a gamestop since their shenanigans with deus ex in removing the onlive codes.  Likewise that wii game where they opened it so they could call it 'used' and sell it for more.  

  9. Hey guys I have a question!
    I bought a PS4 and it came with uncharted 4 but I don't play uncharted 4 can I trade that in for another game?

  10. What an annoying cocky douchebag, and for saying he has "a lot of fans." I feel bad for the Gamstop employees in this video. You can just see them cringing listening to this guy.

  11. I guess when you're a loser and peasant without camaros, motorcycles, trucks and toys, you take this shit seriously huh? hahaha

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