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Xbox One – What Is Cloud Computing Demonstrations Of Azure Which Powers Xbox One & Virtual Machines


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Xbox One - What Is Cloud Computing Demonstrations Of Azure Which Powers Xbox One & Virtual Machines

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  1. Oh hai! Have you ever tried – Barkas Cloud Storage Backup (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.

  2. Cloud opens up more opportunities to developers, it takes a load off of the systems processing. Respawn has mentioned numerous times that with out the cloud the A.I. And story style interface would not be made as easy. It will succeed or else they wouldnt have sunk 8 billion dollars into it, while sony spent 350 million on cloud processing. The days of gaming alone are dead, online with digital games are in the now and Xbox has a huge leg up in the live world. Sorry but those are the facts..

  3. MS is talking crap when it comes to cloud computing in games. It works great for sharing data, it works great for processing heavy data with no time limitations, it would be terrible for processing game data on the fly.
    Bandwidth, reliabilty and most importantly latency makes it worthless for games.

  4. Lol…this guy hates Microsoft with all his heart and soul. He knows Microsoft has the superior cloud service so he spends all this time attacking it. He wants people to think its a "wash" basically. Microsoft has cloud. Sony has cloud. So it doesn't matter right? Except Gaikai only has coverage on the west and east coasts of North America and some parts of Europe. Millions of people will not be covered by Sony. Noone wants to talk about this but we'll hear plenty about it in Nov.!

  5. then the ps4 still has more power cuz they got hp and the fag cloud stuff. So for xbox1 to be good u need internet…….lol

  6. Basically this. It CAN off load stuff, but anything that needs to be done on a on frame basis – in other words, instant reactions – then it's useless.

    I've made an annotation in my video to point this point out too 🙂

  7. Sorry man, I honestly couldn't have it turned off. The UK is baking right now, I tried to remove it as much as possible post production though obviously not enough,.

  8. i honestly cant answer your question but i can say this, devs have already said that the cloud will be used for non latency intensive processes so it depends whether or not gpu rendering is this type

  9. I noticed that you can use Azure for Cpu computing(and that you can have multiple virtual cpu's).Can a developer use the cloud for Gpu rendering?

  10. hey karak, thanks for the review man. but as the nioh reviews started to come in i was hoping you give us yours too 🙂 i dont necessarily trust ign or gamespot, so i put my hopes into you.

  11. i hope you're doing a Nioh review at some point soon Karak. your game reviews and the ones from Easy Allies are the ones i like the most compared to the other journalistic reviews out there.

  12. I've being eyeing Gust games for a while, definitely getting this, but yeah, not at $30, $15 though? Definitely

  13. they released a sequel but im still waiting for the first one on Vita like they said they were gonna do….

  14. I'm liking the game on the ps4 since I think it is fun, but it is not for everyone. Should be $20 for the pc version.

  15. I got this game for PS4 on an Amazon sale for $17 dollars. For that I enjoyed it, it's interesting, and fun for my likes. I like the fan service as well. No Bayonetta 2 though, still fun times and good fan service. Great review, and the bosses look terrible in this game.

  16. I really dig the art style of the game and the way the game world seems to be designed but based on your review that's the only thing that gets my attention. I have a fairly low tolerance these days for games designed around fan-service solely for the purpose of fan-service. I don't need some super deep or complex reason for it to exist but when the entire reason for it's existence is "for horny people to fap to" it starts to get annoying, especially when the rest of the game doesn't make up for it. It really sounds like the game was designed to be so easy to allow people to get to the next shot of tits without any real hassle. Which really feels rather silly to me, it should be hard to make that feel like a reward. Even the worst dating sims make players work for the sex scenes and brief nudity. My issues with this type of fan-service and game design aside it's really a pity to see a game like this coming from GUST who can make good games that stand out beyond the t 'n' a. The Atelier and Ar Tonelico games tend to have pretty fun gameplay, the gameplay here just seems kind of lazy.

  17. Does anyone knows how this compares to Onechanbara? These strange B and C tier games always interest me for some reason.

    Game design has a long way to go.

  18. Oh no the comments have disappeared for me somebody help me see them again. Will you be doing Buy, Wait for sale,Rent, Never Touch on Nioh?

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