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Forza Motorsport 5 Review


Forza Motorsport 5 Review

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  1. this game is the most unrealistic racing game in the world…..literally nothing in this game is realistic I've gone around curves going 140 up in real life around curves that you can't even go 60 around in this game with the most high tech upgrades available…. can't wait till Gran Turismo comes out with another game

  2. The realism is crazy awesome in 5 and 6, but I felt like the games lost their sense of speed and fun that the previous Forza games and Gran Turismo provided. Forza 4 is still the best one. That game was very well-made.

  3. Actually the audio is pretty shitty in 5.1 surround, because it crackles and bugs out. But yeah if this game had more cars/tracks it would be amazing. Would be really good on PC.

  4. comprei xone mais por causa do forza, e tbm por exclusivos rsrsrs, queria mesmo era esse jogo pra pc, mais pelo jeito nunca será possivel.

  5. there all bs. gt6 althought based on real similator but limit to customization. forza is an unrealistic prefromencer and has countless of customization. there basicly the same

  6. Personally I cant stand to leave cars as stock/base in both Games and real I want my cars to have personality/character I don't want it to be like every other car of its kind or A clone I want it to be one of A kind 

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