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Deus Ex Mankind Divided – SECRET CHEAT CODES – BEST WEAPON & BEST ARMOR – Secret Easter Egg


Deus Ex Mankind Divided - SECRET CHEAT CODES - BEST WEAPON & BEST ARMOR - Secret Easter Egg

This method take much time but it works and can be improved.
Just follow the notes in the video. Cheers! 🙂

UPDATE: Unfortunetly this method gives you only infinite ammount of pistols and doesn’t duplicate other weapons like SMG or SHOTGUN.



  1. sorry if this sounds harsh, but all I could think was fucking talk faster! i'm just saying if someone is watching this odds are they know what all the buttons are.

  2. If you're going to troll people, make sure that they have a very low I.Q. (equivalent to a tomato plant or your wife will work) just try not to troll people with a formal education (which includes pretty much everyone.) I'm guessing, you dropped out of elementary school, so you don't count. Hey just remember, you're a male (and possibly a form of human), so maybe don't wear any Kotex.If you don't know what one of those are, just ask a girl in a public place, in a very loud voice.

  3. Is this guy for real? does these really work? first of all. he's going way to fast on what buttons to press. can't understand him. can't write every thing down for what he say. their is no sub title to print this out to try. he's going way to fast to write everything down.

  4. You need to get laid,you'll feel better trust me,you what be so bitter and waste time to make sarcastic video like this to get purposely thumbs down.

  5. i was going to subscribe because this is a good video but because it is a troll i shal not infact i dislike this video

  6. You can use this method to break into his stash without getting caught. Climb in through the window on the courtyard side, close the door where the welcoming guard stands, hide and throw a gas grenade, wait till asleep, rob their vaults (9002) take all their loot and drop piece by piece to not pickup duplicate and get ammo, climb back out window and go through front door. The guard comes in to sit on box and goes on a crazy search. Same as in video .. pick back up and sell one at a time. Thanks for the video!

  7. 400 credits in 5 min, damn.. It sure is boring as well, and with the risk of not being able to use that vendor again on that save is quite stupid. Running around trying to get into hidden places will grant you 10 times more than this in the end and is much more fun.

  8. Same concept applies for all the cops you see on the street, but you don't have to pick them up first once got 4 tact shotguns off one cop by constantly tranq rifleling her from a rooftop

  9. An infinite amount of money taking an infinite amount of time…. It's much easier to just take shotguns to a vendor repeatedly and there's abunch of early missions / side missions that allow for this.

  10. Interesting however i wonder if this glitch will be removed in next update's that is if ther will be any update's at all.

  11. Oh dude nice idead but i better kill all cops in town and sell their weapons insted of waisting so many time for cheat pistols. But thank for video

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