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Dead Rising 2 Unlimited Money FAST


Dead Rising 2 Unlimited Money FAST

Dead Rising 2 Fast 72,500 PP Boosting Every 5 Minutes


  1. I can't believe that it's 2016 and, I still play dead rising do also thanks for the money thing it worked for me.

  2. This method does work, but it a tedious task of waiting and pressing the button and spending close to 50 grand before getting 100k

  3. I really hate the money mechanic in this game!! Making money from the casinos is so stupid. I thought you could earn lots of cash from the giant machine ms in all of the casinos, but the one in Slot Ranch is the only way to get loads of money. This is bad because I don't play Terror Is Reality online. The worst part is that money is useless. Not once in the story do you have to spend money. You could go through the game with only the money you get from the first bit of game play and some stray money you find on the ground. This mechanic and a few other things make Dead Rising 2 my least favorite game in the series. I'm not saying the game is bad, it's actually pretty good, but that just kinda ruins the experience. I will admit that I think Off the Record is better because earning money is easier and it's important to the story. That and the fact that you play as Frank.

  4. i m in a fking bad mood wanted to cause trouble and give thumb down to videos, but sadly i found yr fuking video s decent and useful and u calling that npc a bit@h made me laugh. so a thumb up fou u. damn it!

  5. hi I came from the future to tell you that in 2016 is going To be daedrising 4 and Frank west is going to be in daedrising4

  6. Never understood why people boosted in this game. Its not like the game is hard and u get alot more exp for killing later bosses and saving survivors.

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