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CGRundertow ASURA’S WRATH for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow ASURA'S WRATH for Xbox 360 Video  Game Review


  1. This game is the best cinema game ever made in my opinion. I think other studios should look to this game as a blueprint. I loved every second of this game the boss battles were so engaging and very uniquely done.

  2. You sound like a whiny bitch who's complaining that his mom didn't cut the crust on his peanut butter jelly sandwich. Clearly you werent the best candidate to review this style of game.

  3. This review is spot on. I absolutely enjoyed the time spent in this game but there's just isn't too much meat on the bone. It could had have so much more content, the story is so short.

  4. I actually enjoyed the story and how it was told, of course Asura's a dick. But I like him for some strange reason. And this kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball Z because how big the battle's are.

  5. I dont know why but I usually get dissapointed by other reviewers from classic game room. The one with the radio voice always says enough to show you in the right direction of whether the game fits a players liking or it doesnt. The others dont quite cut it. (but i guess its my opinion)

  6. Well it is at least something new besides all those FPS , Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and sports rehashes that seem to flood the gaming industry. I actually found the demo pretty fun and has those intense moments.

  7. Gabe's right. This may be fun for those who like games that feature angry characters and tons of cinematic quick-time events, but I'd much prefer a game that actually has some varied and deep gameplay.

  8. I really hate how reviewers say that the main character is a douche but when you compare it to God of War, Kratos is a just the same. Anyways I thought the review was good. I personally love it because its something new. Thanks Capcom.

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