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Xbox One Numbers EXPOSED!? – Inside Gaming Daily


Xbox One Numbers EXPOSED!? - Inside Gaming Daily


  1. I own neither Console but I'm thinking of buying both the Xbox 1 & PS4 & I'll probably buy the Wii U just so I can have some extra fun.
    IMO The PS4 has better Exclusives but the Xbox 1 has better social services whereas the Wii U has the best party games, so who else agrees?

  2. More ps4's have been sold because consumers are forced to buy replacements after their shit console doesn't turn on.

  3. Statistics show that ps4 is better than tht brick…so now everyone stfu and deal with those stats

  4. But Sony doesn't have shitty exclusive, nor does Xbox. Why the fuck does it matter? It's just a. Fucking box guy. Buy it for the games and friends, not your favorite fucking box

  5. Machinima and IGN are a disgrace for everything gaming stand for.
    Sales numbers are for analyst, and graphics are for programmer.
    Games are for gamers, i mean true gamers if you are a gaming site, talk about games and or consoles and not sales numbers and resolution.
    I guess all the employees at Machinima, IGN and Gamespot are single-celled organism.

  6. The argument that XBO sales are better than X360 sales were at the same point in lifecycles is moot…because the ps3 sold VERY poorly at this point (because of the whole 600 dollar price tag and ridiculous redesign confusion)….but the PS4 is KILLING IT….

    So….."we did better than we did last time" is not gonna cut it when the competition is saying "we're doing better we ever did, and better than they've done too!"

    just sayin…

  7. I prefer Xbox anytime,it's a better console that the overrated shitstation.Xbox owners have now free 360 games,better interface,better online service.What bullshitstation have?The Order 1886 the movie?

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