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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Video Review by GameSpot


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Video Review by GameSpot

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review


  1. this version is not better than the 360 version. the 360 version has more enemies on screen and more blood.

  2. It's not better than the original NG2…not at all…It's a step backward for sure Just as Sigma 1 was for PS3

  3. Even as someone who was introduced to the franchise by the Vita versions of sigma 1 and 2, I have to say they are fantastic games. As they were my first Hack and Slash games, other ones like God of War feel way too easy now LOL.

  4. this is the bullcrap part so first we get the crappier looking hp bar and two less blood but we get more content for ps3 i mean, WTF IS UP WITH THAY

  5. Why give a crosshair for the bow? The best thing with the bow in the original Ninja Gaiden (for Xbox – which is the only one I've played) was the fact that they challenged you to learn how to use a bow. You had to learn where on the screen to aim to hit a target, and also how to lob the arrows to hit targets far away. Not easy, but so saticfactory when mastered.

    Until this day, Ninja Gaiden is the best slash-and-hack I've played. While Devil May Cry 4 had some beautiful combat, the addition of back-to-forward movements on the thumbstick for executing moves along with having to time button-pressing, really takes down the pase of the combat.

    I'm waiting for Metal Gear Rising to go on sale on STEAM to test that one out aswell. It at least looks promising.

  6. Why do they feel the need to cut the down blood out and make it more pg in their games, the blood is what gave this series character. 

  7. a definitive version of ninja gaiden 2 & ninja gaiden sigma 2 combined would be nice. the best of both worlds, all the weapons, enemies & features you left out in the first game, like the test of valour. its a chance to make some decent money & to redeem tecmo & team ninja's good name after that complete disgrace of that game ninja gaiden 3 & its less ugly sister, but still ugly as hell razors edge. it'll be alot cheaper to refresh & enhanced the graphics & visuals of a old game instead of making a new one, thus allowing you more time & clairity & proper funding for an sequel from this game i strongly recommend you make. add a couple of new two player co-op missions & boom! you got yourself an instant ps4 & xboxOne classic & i won't hate you with a passion anymore.

  8. this guy does not know what hes talking about Ninja gaiden 2 is way better! This game is literally 1 step forward and 5 steps back. for example they added a aim button for the bow cool. but then they take away ammo the ability charge arrows and its pure auto aim taking away your ability to aim freely.
    Also its not just the blood this took are the hart out of game.  60% less enemies, no platforming, little thing like no doors. This game has no soul its like they made this game for stupid people.     

  9. they are looking at the game as a whole. I didnt think the attacks weaker but some enemies do feel a little padded but not as padded as NG3:RE 

  10. Cheaper? Sigma 2 is trash comparing with the original. So many flaws and the boring higher difficulties just make you think the difference between the first game and second one.

  11. Is Original Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox 360 harder then Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma on PS3 ? How exactly ?

  12. I honestly don't care if there is blood at least there are still decapitations and there are so I'm happy

  13. This version was not bad at all. I love that they brought back that big-ass double edged sword, and extra characters. =D 

  14. I have NGS2 on the the PS3 and I have to say that it is that ninja game I have always wanted to play. You use a variety of weapons, can use Ninpo, can run on all walls, there are tons of enemies from ninjas to fiends and even soldiers to fight, and I finally got to use a weapon which I've always wanted to in a Ninja game, the Claws. Which actually went a step further and equipped them to both your hands AND your feet!

    Really my only complaint though is that they removed all the blood a gore which to me feels more like a satisfying kill. Now there is still dismemberment present, but the blood is replaced with purple smoke so you kinda have to get used to it. However NG3: Razor's edge is about as gorey as I could've hoped for so I highly recommend that one as well. I'm a sadistic gamer, what can I say 😉 PROTOTYPE made me what I am.

  15. This version is so weak and slow compared to xbox360 version. With all the gore and reduced blood and bloody parts you would think that the gameplay would be fast and fluid by this point but no. There is such a delay between cutting a bodypart off some enemy and obliterating them. It takes like two seconds before you can even start the obliteration so if you hit triangle too early Ryu'll just do the strong attack. Not only that but the obliteration animation is also delayed with each hit like 0:47 in the video. And let's not forget the select screen, ugh!

  16. Ninja Gaiden Black / Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

    Best versions of the 3 Ninja Gaiden titles.

  17. Ninja gaiden Is one of those rare games that has that feeling of wanting to play more then once to beat game on ALL difficulties as well as unlock many things In the game Including buying upgrades for his sword and magic very few games In past even today In 2013 couldn't even come close to ninja gaidens value of the challenging nature that all ninja gaiden games have.

  18. +John Steven Dar Juan Ye they did keep it. But its kept to a bare minimum, purple mist sprays out, and the corpses will disappear. 

  19. +domen antlej it depends what you mean by that. The multiplayer still works. But there are barely any people to play with. it is EXTREMEMLY laggy but it is still fun as hell. Single player on higher difficulties is where it is at.

  20. Demons Souls is most definitely not cheap especially compared with NG2 which is very much so. Demons Souls just takes a lot more patience and skill

  21. "really one of the best action experiences on PS3"

    Is there anyone who agrees with this? I haven't played the game so I wouldn't know, but that's a pretty big claim.

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