Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 250gb hard drive says “unformatted” now?

My xbox 360 250gb hard drive says “unformatted” now?


OK so i used this hard drive to “system link” with many, many, many other people to get games, map packs, movies, avatar gear ect. that i did not have but they did also i used it to install over 20 games, that most likely will no longer read off the disk now. in all i had 150gb of data on the hdd, and I turn on my Xbox today and it says “unformatted” i refuse to reformat it because I will lose hundreds of dollars of system linked software and about 10 or more of my simi-new games. IS there any way possible to restore my stuff? also before anyone says use a usb, usb’s max capacity for Xbox is around 16 gigs i need about 150

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  1. format it.

    if you bought the content you would be able to go into your account settings and re-download everything from your past downloads.

    if you did not buy the content then you wouldn’t be able to use it anyways, unless you have the gamertags that were linked to the downloadable content.

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