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Infinium Strike Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?


Infinium Strike Review


  1. Awesome vid ACG, as always. Do you have any other favorite tower defense games? Last I played was Defense Grid series and I thought they were great.

  2. I used to watch Angry Joe but since he barely does reviews anymore and his content turned to shit, I discovered you.
    You're doing great work and I really appreciate every single review of yours.
    Keep it up man, I love your content.

  3. I remember the demo on Steam, like a year ago. It was fun, forgot all about the game. Thank you for the review and reminder :)

  4. Great review, thank you. Sadly i cannot stomach another tower defence game atm, i been playing them since the ZX spectrum and we had half a dozen new ones in the last month or so, alone.

    But if i were to give 1 another chance, this would definitely be the 1st game i would try. Luv how they pulled it off in space.

  5. "Inky blackness.. like an ex-girlfriend's heart."
    Oh Karak, you poet you !

    OT, I like the sound in this game, pretty good.

  6. Time limits and QTE's seem like lazy/poor design, or the developers ran out of money and needed a quick fix. While there are some games that can use these elements wisely/creatively, I find the majority don't. Bad time limits/QTE's can really ruin a players experience and destroy the immersion the devs spent so much time creating. Thanks for sharing your review.

  7. You've slowed the pace of your speech. I like it. Easier to catch your witty quips. Nice job, as always.

  8. Im not huge into Tower Defense game but hot damn shooting Alien ships and Shouting BSG commands while my dog is sitting there wondering if her new name is Frack is fun

  9. Karak, thanks for a really well done, fair, and honest review! Our $24 Captain has tasked some engineers to investigate the source of Freedom Strike's "hot suicide". We really appreciate this video. You're going places! :)

  10. That's a damn fine looking ship. I'd love to see something more substantial with that design style. I kind of want a proper rl model..

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