Home Xbox Forum can this really be done without taking the 360 apart?

can this really be done without taking the 360 apart?


hi every body well i’ve been hearing stuff about the x360 softmodding that it can be done without taking the whole thing apart and flashing the dvd firmware well i have 2 xboxs the elite mw2 250GB HDD and the slim 4GB and i want to make the eilte works on backup discs and the slim for XBL but my friend told me that there’s a way to flash it without opening the box by a usb flash drive dumping some thing called ”jtag software for x360” and he provided a link to this on youtube so all i want to know b4 i brick my console is this true or the only way to do it by flashing the dvd fw plzz need help and no crappy answers plz


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  1. I would never recommend that you mod an XBOX.

    Microsoft considers that as a legit reason to permanently ban you from XBOX LIVE!

    Think of what that means, you will lose all access to live, you will lose your gamerscore.

    You will have to purchase a new xbox live account and start all over.

    It is not worth it.

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