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CGRundertow PIXELJUNK EDEN for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow PIXELJUNK EDEN for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. Terrible review. It's clear you fundamentally have something against indie games to begin with… This was barely a review, it was just angry grumbling.

  2. Well…this review was certainly strange to me. As it started up I thought it was turning out to be what I thought it was, that I was one of the few people that love the game. I mean it's so damn addicting. But the everyone else probably hates it with how this guy's making it sound.

    Then he started sayin' stupid crap. Culminating in this gem:
    "But only if it came out on the Commodore 64 and were still trying to find out what a video game is."

    I mean…what? Did this guy not grow up with that stuff/hasn't researched that period? People knew damn well how to make games by that point and that system alone has some pretty damn good ones.

    Fortunately, I looked at the comments and it turns out people did actually like the game it looks like =)

    Also: "I know I sound harsh, but I actually enjoyed this game."

    Is this guy like a descendant of George Wood or somethin'?

  3. Did you say like Serbia? Um, I live in Serbia and that is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard… Have you been to the mountains, springs and villages? Very nice places you know, the only time it's dark is during winter and that's because we have bad weather… Very nice and cheery during the summer though… :)

  4. This review was terrible. You explained basic mechanics and then ranted about hipsters and made it clear that you wanted something "different" from cover based shooters. You do realize that genre is a minority, right?

  5. i wish there is a way to show you how hard it is to come up with a totally new idea and make it fully playable (developers would understand)
    and how hard it is to find AND create the right art style for this game (artists would understand)
    it takes time,effort but most of all, passion, that's why i love ALL indie game (Gamers & would understand)
    and even if it doesn't look good, we must respect people hard work (nice people would understand)

    PS :
    you doesn't belong to any of this "()"

  6. yeah also I hate hipsters I feel your hate for hipsters, I live by ann arbor so yeah, also hipsters don't game that much. 

  7. okay I also play alot of other games to like madden pes spiderman, transformers war for cybertron, pokemon and I am a huge megaman fan so I play alot of action non indie games to.

  8. @ClipOnSunglasses okay so you think that every retro throwback sucks and if it isn't awesome in the graphics department it isn't worth playing, I like my retro throwbacks super meat boy, spelunky, cave story, binding of Isaac, voxatron, blocks that matter, Sir a lot of indie games I play and a huge reason I play them is CGR, so yeah I might bash cod sometimes but so does everybody who doesn't play it. Indie games only) FTW

  9. @akawhut About the fact that a lot of indie games have fanbases similar to hipsters, I.E. elitist because "no one has heard about this game".

  10. If the hipster community is good for one thing, it's their tendency of unearthing of great underground games, movies, comics, and literature.

    If only they could lose the elitist attitude…

    As for the game I would love to play it soon.

  11. fucking love the game! 2player/1couch-coop was just amazing!

    ps: i never realized this was an idie title! ah well.. now i know

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