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cant connect to xbox live failed mtu test?


i cant connect to xbox live cause my MTU isn’t set to 1364 or higher ive tried calling every thing, my ISP, the routers and the modems company, and xbox technical support and all of them told me they cant help and to check the manual. unfortunately, i lost the manual and i was lost. so i googled up how to change it and i got this site [url is not allowed]

i followed the instructions it gave me and it still didn’t work. then i realized that it said “cahnge MTU for PPP connections” and one for “VPN connections” i had done the one for PPP connections but i not sure which i have VPN or PPP

i have a SMC Networks router and a scientific atlanta Modem. please help me out


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  1. go on your computer and click Start, Run

    type cmd in the run box

    now in the command prompt type ipconfig

    look at the Default Gateway and type the number into the address bar of internet explorer, it should be 192.168.x.x

    if it asks for user and pass try

    admin for both both, or nothing for pass and admin for use and vice-versa

    once you have accessed your router configuration on the main page or on one of the setup pages should be the MTU setting. just set it to 1364, or Automatic (my automatic is 1500)

    if nothing works, then just plug your xbox 360 directly to your modem and forget about your router.

    hope this helps and gets best answer

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