Home Xbox Forum Need help, Xbox 360 issues(internet)!?

Need help, Xbox 360 issues(internet)!?


Okay so i am currently sharing internet with my laptop to my Xbox 360, but, i am able to connect to live, and at the same time it wont show the Xbox 360 market place, nothing, just which friends are online. It want let me update games to it attempts it but then it say that i cant download it and that i need to check my connection when its perfect i believe. HELP ME!

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  1. Unless it was down due to maintenance, test it again using the troubleshooting tool under System – Network. If you can still connect to the internet and also Xbox Live but cannot see the Marketplace etc., try to configure your router top allow for the following port access:

    TCP 80

    UDP 88

    UDP 3074

    TCP 3074

    UDP 53

    TCP 53

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