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Ps3 Flickering Help Please?


Yo Its me thugsta again, sorry for buggin.

Iv Had my ps3 slim250gb for about 5 to 6mnths now.

and i noticed, 2day for the 1st time ever that my ps3 started flickering while i was playing nba2k11 demo, like durring gameplay screen just flickering!!

never ever happened to me before, could there be something wrong with my ps3?

or is it my hdmi cable? or TV?

id be upset if sum wuss wrong with my ps3:/

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  1. Sounds like a problem with your HDMI cable or the ports it’s plugged into, Ps3 or TV.

    Take them out, give them a wipe clean and blow any dust out.

    If it’s only the one game it does it on then it’ll be a software issue, if it’s being weak on all your games, it’s a hardware fault. Ps3, TV or HDMI cable.

    Hope this helps

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